This blog was set up to support the Vetan Chori Band Karo campaign. Vetan Chori Band Karo means stop wage theft in Hindi. This is a problem experienced by many workers in the garment industry, where illegal deductions from wages, delays in payment of wages and discrepancies in the rate at which workers are paid at are unfortunately all common problems. This blog is an attempt to share some of the problems experienced by workers, as well as some of the broader issues in the garment industry with a wider audience. We hope that it will create interest and support for this, and other campaigns which support workers in their struggle for their rights and hold companies who exploit them accountable. If there’s anything you’d like to see included in this blog please do let us know.

Who we are:

Mazdoor Ekta Manch (MEM) is a platform of workers in Gurgaon, just outside Delhi. Our mission is to build the power of workers and their families, and secure their dignity and rights where they work and live. All the information for this campaign comes directly from workers’ experiences and the problems they encounter with their wages. Through this campaign we are supporting workers’ struggles to receive the wages they are entitled to.
What the campaign is asking for:

1. Workers should be paid according to the grade at which they work

2. Wages should be paid in time and receive a payslip

3. Illegal deductions should not be taken from workers’ wages

4. Workers should be paid the annual increment on time

5. Overtime should be paid at the double rate

6. Equal pay for equal work between men and women

Who we are asking:

This campaign is aimed at the Labour and Employment Ministers of the Haryana state government, where there is a large garment industry. Throughout India labour laws and minimum wages vary from state to state. Everything this campaign asks for are already legal requirements in Haryana, but unfortunately these laws are not always implemented. This campaign wants to remind the Haryana government of their duty to ensure these laws are implemented to protect workers’ wages.

Activities to support the campaign:

We perform street theatre to raise awareness among workers of their rights. We are collecting signatures for a memorandum from workers to submit to the government. We are also hoping to start a petition among the public to show their support for the campaign. Please do have a wander around our blog to find out more about the campaign.


6 responses to “About

  1. This world is a wicked place because humans never stops exploiting another. They are driven by greed  and has no conscience at all. 
    In unity we must fight these people who exploits and they are the cause of poverty .

  2. Dear Minister,

    We are writing to you as concerned citizens and members of the international community in support of the demands of workers’ in Gurgaon to stop wage theft by enforcing the provisions of The Minimum Wages Ac, 1948 and The Payment of Wages Act, 1936.

    While it is very encouraging to see that India has strong labour laws in place, we are extremely disappointed to learn that these laws are not being enforced to the detriment of garment workers and their families in Haryana.

    We are asking you to ensure that workers receive their grade according to their work and wages according to their grade, receive payment on time with a wage slip, ‘receive double rate for overtime work, receive their annual increment on time with arrears and that women workers receive the same wage for the same work as their male co-workers. We are asking that companies pay contributions to their workers’ Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance so that workers can benefit from their social security entitlements.

    As Minister for Labour & Employment it is your responsibility to ensure that these laws are enforced. We are calling on you to take immediate and effective action to stop wage theft in Gurgaon.


    Manfried Faber

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