The final hurdle…of the first race!

We’re now in the last week of this stage of the campaign and it’s a busy one! At the start we aimed to talk to 2000 workers that are being affected by wage theft and get them to sign the workers’ memorandum and inform 2000 members of the public about the problem of wage theft and ask them to sign our online petition. Our aim is to have reached these targets by May Day to present both petitions to the Minister for Labour and Employment.

So far the campaign has been going very well. Over 1500 workers have signed the memorandum and over 1700 members of the public have signed the petition. We have a lot of work to do in the next week but we’re confident we’ll reach our targets.

Here’s some of what supporters of the campaign have been saying:

‘The manufacturers/owners should be ashamed of themselves by putting profit before people & stealing from the poorest (of the poor).’

‘This is total exploitation of an already badly paid work force. Is this how India is becoming one of the worlds wealthiest economies, by treating it’s poor as slave labour ?’

‘Protection of the rights of low paid workers is fundamental to any decent society.’

‘To support grassroots initiatives for global justice and to show support for workers in countries from which we buy goods. Also to promote awareness of where our products come from and the impact of lifestyle choices in the global North on less developed countries.’

We know that achieving workers’ rights in practice is a huge struggle and this one campaign alone cannot fix all the problems in the garment industry. We see this campaign as a starting point from which to build support to continue the struggle in various ways in the future. We are at the final hurdle of our first race but we have many more races to run, so while it’s an end of one phase, we hope it’s also the beginning of a strong movement to support workers in achieving their rights.

Please take a couple of minutes to sign the petition and share it with any of your friends who you think would also like to support the campaign.


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