Nadia’s Story

Nadia and her husband both work in the garment industry. Together they earn 10,000 Rupees (less than €150) per month. They have 4 children. Nadia wants her children to study but is finding it difficult to educate them due to their low wages.

Nadia suffers from the same problems as her male colleagues. She feels that the biggest problem is the deductions taken from their wages for a Provident Fund, which provides a pension for workers. They are given no proof of this payment, meaning they cannot benefit from their entitlements. She believes the Profident Fund needs to be used properly and that this would make a difference to them. Other problems experienced in their company include forced overtime paid at the single instead of double rate.

On top of these problems she is also paid less than her male counterparts simply because she is a woman. On average Nadia earns 20-30 Rupees less than the male workers in her company. This is a significant amount considering she earns 200 Rupees (less than €3) per day.

When she has enough money Nadia would like to move back to her home in Uttar Pradesh and start her own business, but she can’t save money because of her low wages.


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