Welcome to the Vetan Chori Band Karo blog!

Thank you for visiting. This blog was set up to support the Vetan Chori Band Karo (Stop Wage Theft) campaign, which is aiming to stop the theft from garment workers’ wages in Gurgaon in the state of Haryana.

Gurgaon is one of the fast growing industrial hubs in the world where the export oriented garment industry is flourishing with the abundant supply of cheap migrant workers. There exist various labour laws including The Minimum Wage Act 1948, and Payment of Wages Act, 1936 to protect the right of workers with regard to the minimum wages and the regular payment of it. However, unfortunately these laws are often not enforced by the state.

So, this campaign wants to raise awareness about the various forms of wage theft happening in the Gurgaon area and to seek your support for the workers’ struggle to stop the wage theft.

This is a very new blog so please do visit again as we will be putting up more information about the activities of this campaign including:

1. Street theatre which raises awareness among workers about the wage theft and the hardships they face due to the wage theft.

2. A memorandum signed by workers which will be submitted to the Haryana government

3. Documenting workers’ experiences and using this blog as a place to share those with readers

4. A petition for members of the public to sign to support the Vetan Chori Band Karo campaign which will also be submitted to the Haryana government and the Union Government of India


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